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Respite Care

Fischer Place provides assistance to families in the community enabling them to take a break from caring for a loved one by providing a bed for a short time (approximately two weeks). Respite Care residents participate in the regularly scheduled activities.
There is a daily charge for Respite Care. Arrangements can be made for this service through the Community. Care Program located in the Health Centre below Fischer Place.

Transition Care

The purpose of Transition Care is to provide clients approved for placement with an opportunity to explore their ability to improve functioning and return to live in the community.

The estimated length of stay in a Transition bed is 30 to 45 days. There is a daily charge
for a clients stay. Transition Care clients participate in the regularly scheduled activities as desired and able.

Convalescent Care

Convalescent care is a Community Partnership with Fischer Place and 100 Mile District Hospital for providing additional recuperation time for persons who require sub acute/restorative care after surgery or serious illness in order for them to continue living in the community.The expectation of the program is to provide an appropriate environment with programs and services for the elderly which will enhance their functional abilities so that they may be discharged to the community with the highest level of independence possible.

The average length of stay in a convalescent bed is 2-6 weeks. There is no charge to the
client for this service. Clients participate in all of the scheduled activities as desired and able.

Palliative Care

This program provides an alternative service to admission to acute care through emergency departments and/or continued occupancy in an acute care bed for those individuals requiring palliative care but do not require acute care services. Pain and symptom management are integral parts of this program.

There is a per diem charge for the client’s stay. The client participates in all the
scheduled activities as desired and able.

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